What is the HCP Tribe Membership?
Whether you’ve owned a home care agency for several years now or you’re just getting started,you will have to deal with the ever-present challenges of the home care industry, from figuring out industry rules and regulations to training your staff, both new and existing. Luckily, the International Group of Home Care Agency Owners is here to help you navigate this fast-paced field.

We are a global community of like-minded individuals with one goal in mind – to help andsupport each other in building widely successful businesses. Ours is a platform where just about anyone with an interest in the home care industry can hang out and connect with individuals who have already dealt with just about any challenge related to the industry. This is where home care agency owners, and aspiring owners too, gain access to practical and proven insights and various resources they need to build a profitable business, and most notably, a better life for themselves, their loved ones, their clients, and their employees. For aspiring agency owners, we provide resources to help them understand what being in theindustry is like, and what it takes to start a successful agency.
Tribal Bonds...
We are also a community where members get access to and make connections with industry big shots and newbies that are willing to share their successes and struggles.

Not only are we committed to building each other but we also happen to be quite passionate about giving back to the community. We are a giving community that believes extending a helping hand to our local communities is a great way to appreciate those who have supported our businesses and stood with us in this journey of entrepreneurship.
Where Owners Grow...

Is the HCP Tribe For You?

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