What is the HCP Tribe Membership?
Whether you’ve owned a home care agency for several years now or you’re just getting started, you will have to deal with the ever-present challenges of the home care industry, from figuring out industry rules and regulations to training your staff, both new and existing. Luckily, the International Group of Home Care Agency Owners is here to help you navigate this fast-paced field.

We are a global community of like-minded individuals with one goal in mind – to help and support each other in building widely successful businesses. Ours is a platform where just about anyone with an interest in the home care industry can hang out and connect with individuals who have already dealt with just about any challenge related to the industry. This is where home care agency owners, and aspiring owners too, gain access to practical and proven insights and various resources they need to build a profitable business, and most notably, a better life for themselves, their loved ones, their clients, and their employees. For aspiring agency owners, we provide resources to help them understand what being in the industry is like, and what it takes to start a successful agency.
Tribal Bonds...
We are also a community where members get access to and make connections with industry big shots that are willing to share their secrets to success.

Not only are we committed to building each other but we also happen to be quite passionate about giving back to the community. We are a giving community that believes extending a helping hand to our local communities is a great way to appreciate those who have supported our businesses and stood with us in this journey of entrepreneurship.
Where Owners Grow...
Tribal Perks...
Meet Other Agency Owners
Open dialogue is encouraged within the judgement free tribe of agency owners.
Coach Michele, Industry experts and MLEC staff members will host training sessions to expand your industry and business knowledge. 
HCP Interactive Themes
The power of involvement can never be underestimated. Sharing and caring is the fast track to growing as a business owner. See how our themes can get you involved.

Tribal Interactive Theme Skits
Just like the old game "Simon Says", Coach Says follows the same structure. Coach Michele will issue random assignments to her tribe.
Coach Michele and Coach Rob share tips that will have you crazing for more.
Circle the tribal fire and discuss topics that concern our tribe of home care agency owners. 
Important news intended to be spread quickly throughout the tribe.
Tribe members can seek the opinion of their tribal peers by posting the "Yay or Nay" image and asking their question.
Coach Michele and Coach Rob will introduce you to influencers in business and in the home care industry. 
Share non-serviceable leads to the tribe...remember "Givers gain". (*Client's proprietary information is not to be shared on the platform.) See instructions for details...
Are you ready to push your sales skills and industry knowledge to the test? Coach Michele sets the stage and you ride the bull in this situational based Role-Play Rodeo
Tribal Rules...
1. No Promotions or Spam
Self-promotion, spam, and irrelevant links are not allowed in this group. Strive to give more
than you take as a member of this group.
2. Be Kind and Courteous
Strive to create and maintain a welcoming environment in this group – we are all in this
together. While healthy debates are encouraged, kindness is required. Treat everyone with
3. Respect Members’ Privacy
Being a member of this group will call for mutual trust. Authentic and expressive discussions
will make the group great and are thus encouraged, but they may sometimes be sensitive and
private. For that reason, what’s shared and discussed in the group must stay in the group.
4. Be Nice and Helpful
Be nice and helpful to those asking questions or seeking advice. Don’t criticize, instead, advice.
5. No Bullying or Hate Speech
Bullying, hate speech, and degrading comments regarding things like religion, race, culture,
gender, sexual orientation, etc., will not be tolerated. Strive to make everyone feel welcome
and safe.
Informational Webinar Replay
Coach Michele and Coach Rob walk you through the HCP Tribe Membership and explain benefits of group and how it can help you become a better agency owner.
  •  Learn why this membership was created
  •  Learn how this membership can help your business
  • This is a MUST have for individuals looking to start their agency within 1yr
Join Your Tribe...
Sign-Up for $27.00
Monthly Cost $47 per month
Recurring monthly charges will be applied to the card on file.
or join by
TEXTING: TRIBE to 404-620-6269
to join via your smartphone
Not compatible with all wireless carriers/ cell phone companies. If you haven't received a response text message within 7 minutes,
signup online via the Join The Tribe button above.
Tribal Board of
Would you like to represent your state as a HCP Tribe Membership Ambassador? 
A HCP Tribe Ambassador will be a representative of the character, mission and determination of the HCP Tribe in their particular state. They will also stay abreast of the latest developments and trends in their state. They must be vocal leaders in the HCP Tribe membership by releasing engaging post and offering constructive insight. 

HCP Tribal State Ambassador Requirements:
1. Agency actively open for a minimum of 1 year
2. Must have a minimum of 6 months of uninterrupted HCP Tribe membership
3. Actively involved within the HCP Tribe Membership
4. Public Speaking may be required at Conference/workshop*

Application Process:
1. Online Application
2. Phone Call with a team member (If, online application is accepted)
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